Five rainy day dog essentials

Five rainy day dog essentials

We wear waterproof clothes when the weather is horrible, but what about your dog? Here are five rainy day doggy products that he just might thank you for, and so will your carpets! 

Practical macs

This dashing waterproof dog raincoat from Danish Design is smart and practical, and has several well-thought-out features. With its waterproof and windproof outer, it can be used all year round to keep your dog nice and dry. A removable polar fleece lining means he can comfortably wear it in winter and summer, too. 

For night-time safety, it comes with reflective beading and fastening strap. Better still, the whole thing is machine washable, so regardless how much fun your dog has in the mud and the rain you can keep his raincoat looking (and smelling!) nice and fresh. It comes in black, Grey, Orange, Blue, Khaki and purple and costs £16.99 from Not in the Doghouse.

If your dog needs more protection, what about a waterproof nylon canine trouser suit? This comes with arm and leg sleeves, as well as full body coverage. The suit has elasticated cuffs and a zip fastening along the back to dress your dog easily, and there’s also a half-leg suit for shorter dog breeds. There’s a whole range of PU-coated nylon dog trouser suits designed to provide maximum protection for the elements, keeping your pet clean, warm and dry – and super-smart if you’re going to a show. The suits cost £22.99 to £33.99 from Soul Destiny.

Minimise the mess

Looking for a way to get your dog clean and dry after walkies without making a mess of your car or house? Ruff and Tumble offers a solution – a specially-shaped dog drying towelling robe. Made from a thick double layer of natural cotton towelling, it enables your dog to dry whilst retaining their body heat in the robing. 

It’s easy to use, just slip the coat over your dog and fasten it around your dog's neck and belly with the velcro flaps. Depending on the size and shape of your dog, you can roll the collar up to make a hood that will help the ears dry. Not only will your dog dry quickly, avoiding the usual problems with smells and shivering, but your best friend will also look good at the same time. 

With one of these drying towels in the boot of your car, you can head down to your favourite beach for a long swim without worrying about the state of your car on the return journey. For some dogs, the nearest puddle is all they need to get a serious soaking, so when you get home just slip the blanket on and let them dry off in their own bed. £53.95 from Ruff and Tumble.

Feet first

We all know how uncomfortable walking in wet shoes can be – dogs can be the same! Pawz Natural Rubber Dog Boots are reusable, waterproof boots for the protection of your dog's paws when out walking. They are said to provide a natural feeling for your dog, while being easy to fit and not requiring any sort of zip or strap. The boots allow full paw movement with maximum comfort and they’re great for rain, snow, ice and very wet conditions. They are also useful for protecting dogs’ paws from injury and diseases, ice and snow, corrosive chemicals, mud and clay, pad rashes, allergies, sand irritation, furniture and carpet stains and post-surgical infections. They come in packs of 12 and cost £10-£11.35 depending on the Dog Boots’ size, from VioVet.

Brolly good

So, what to do if your puppy doesn't like to put on a raincoat, even in pouring rain, but really needs to? Give him his own pet umbrella, a see-through brolly with an angled, adjustable shaft so you can easily hold it above him. It also has a C-shaped handle so you can hook up your dog’s poo bag when it’s full. The supplier, Fruugo recommends that if your pet seems unnerved by the dog umbrella, be calm with him and introduce it slowly and quietly ahead of the first use – good luck! £28.95 from

If all else fails

And for those of you who have dogs that would rather be wet, muddy and a little stinky, and absolutely refuse to don any of the above, invest in a Vax!

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